Demo EP

by Worship No One

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released July 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Worship No One São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Disease

Surrounded by the wreckage of hatred
humans try to find living in a world
of vanity showing up every day more
full of themselves
Decay of mankind ,
trapped in the abyss of greed.
greed abyss of decay
People show up every day more
common keeping their worthless
lives with perks
Humanity becomes futile and meaningless
leaving back what has been your best
Decay of mankind ,
trapped in the abyss of greed.
greed abyss of decay
greed, greed, abyss of decay.
Track Name: Fly In The Wings Of Despair
Fly in the wings od despair

What to expect when I fall into me again
nothing surprises me anymore
The gaps that will never be filled, and eyes that do not
they see nothing.
And on the wings of despair let me lead again.

What is real pain?
What is Real?
Pain, grief and sorrow?
What is real ..
Aside from despair?

And on my knees I beg for the end of this cycle
Amid the cries of hatred and the veil covering my eyes
Does your God will hear me now?
Can he hear me scream?

Memories come and go as eternal torment
While there is life in me there suffering
I close my eyes and let me lead
Once again I am flying on the wings of despair.
Track Name: Dead Whispers
Dead Whispers

Only one a dead whisper regurgitate the words of the wind
a deafening silence of emptiness that fills the environment
So it is and will forever be, the memories that reopens wounds
And the pain dulls the senses

Kneeling, with hands on face
Have memory is not peace
The shadows that blind my eyes
Have memory is not peace

Demons of the past torment my skull
my future is sadness and loneliness, I'm lonely, hollow and hopeless
Where all the answers will be, there is no purpose because the
given the decline in the arms of perdition ...
And memories that come and go ... increase pain increases the void

kneeling, with hands on face
have memory is not peace
shadows that blind my eyes
have memory is not peace
Track Name: What's Dead Can Not Die
What's dead can not die

lying on a filthy floor
outside a red mist covers the atmosphere
the mushroom cloud does not seem to ever get rid ...
just wait for them to come, you get rid of this suffering

the greatest reward of the dead, dies never again
the air is hot, it smells of carrion
the greatest reward of the dead, dies never again

their own faith, you buried in the ground
the tears dried, as well as the hope
there is no life beyond waiting
you're doomed to suffer here forever ...
they are coming, the vultures come to feed on the flesh
Track Name: Life's Gone
Life is gone

Your lies carved in my skin
incurable scars of a distant past
I cursed all that I am
and all that I have become
I see life pass slowly
I stay in this fuck lethargic state
eternal, changeless, inert to time itself
Time does not heal anything, will never heal
When man is something that can not
destroy he destroys himself
The shadows take shape in my mind
Cloistered in my own spirit
sick and weak, lonely and lost
Sharing a miserable existence
in a world of empty shells and selfish
And so life slowly pass away